Join us on a journey through time where the past, present, and future converge in a glass of wine that embodies our heritage and passion!

Authenticity and passion from the heart of Istria!

Fakin Winery is a young, authentic family winery located in the village of Bataji, near the iconic town of Motovun. We offer a hedonistic experience with a touch of Istria and proudly hold the title of Croatia's most award-winning winery, representing an essential destination for complete wine and gastronomic pleasure!

Born from a passion for wine

Fakin Winery embodies a deep passion for wine from the heart of Istria, offering top-quality wines that reflect this beautiful region's rich cultural heritage and unique flavors.

"fakin good wines!"

Discover the uniqueness and distinctiveness of our wines from the very first sip and savor an authentic experience of the flavors of indigenous Istrian wines.

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